School Events

The years spent in school are some of the most important in one’s life. These special memories are made with lifelong friends and last a lifetime. Whether it’s a Prom, Homecoming, Snowcoming, Winter Fest, Graduation Party, or school fundraiser, Nonafi is prepared to make the experience one you and your guests will never forget while remaining cost-effective and of the highest quality.

Nonafi has a combined 10+ years experience throughout Michigan and Northwest Ohio. The full-service nature of the business means that we can fill a suite of roles for your next event. We offer:

  • DJ Services
  • Sound and Lighting
  • Photo Booth Rentals
  • Catering
  • Photography
  • Social & Public Relations Strategies
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Venue Research & Booking

We offer more services than almost any other event management company in Michigan and serve the Michigan and Northwest Ohio community in making their dream event a reality. Contact us today to start the discussion!

DJ Services

It’s all about the music. Having a DJ that’s in-tune with the hottest tracks and remixes is one of the most important aspects of any live event. Nonafi will help you in curating a custom playlist that influences the success of your event. Having pleased crowds all over Michigan, you are in great hands with Nonafi’s top-notch DJs.

Sound and Lighting

Nonafi has an extensive offering of LED lighting, laser machines, video projection, speakers, subwoofers, and the vision it takes to design a beautiful production for any space.

Photo Booth Rentals

Always a hit with guests! Whether it’s the students, teachers, or chaperones, everyone has a blast taking photos that they can use as a token of the great experience they had. Our Photo Booth Rentals come with props and a live projection screen to ensure your guests are engaged and having a blast throughout the night. Nonafi also has the capability of creating custom backdrops, adding custom props, or providing physical prints as add-ons.


Who doesn’t love food? Let Nonafi take the headache out of the dinner menu by working with you to create a custom menu that’s sure to please the students and faculty alike.


Allow us to photograph the evening and capture all the evening’s most memorable moments. We provide digital access to all event photography and have packages to include print-outs or specially branded memory books.

Social & Public Relations Strategies

Don’t let your school’s story go unnoticed. Let us work with you to create the greatest impact on social media and the press through integrated communications that will create meaningful relationships with parents and throughout the community.

Graphic Design

The devil is in the details. We can create a cohesive experience that extends through Homecoming week, themed parties, philanthropy events, welcome week, and theatrical productions. Our graphic design capabilities extend to invitations, tickets, photo backdrops, banners, and other immersive elements to take your next event to a new level.

Web Development

Looking to give your organization a brand overhaul? We create robust digital experiences that extend through all your earned and owned digital media outlets.

Experiential Marketing

Having trouble locking in the right contributing organizations for your school’s next community engagement event? Take the hassle out of ideating and planning a cutting-edge, immersive experience for your guests and partner with us to bring engagement to your cause.

Venue Research & Booking

Finding the perfect space for your next event can be a daunting task. We have worked with some of the most iconic venues in Michigan and are well-experienced in venue research and negotiation. Let us take the pressure off your hands and locate the venue for your dream event so you never have to worry.

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